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2022 Q2: 30/05/22

2022 Q2: 28/03/22

2022 Q1: 24/01/22

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[1] « XNOR-Net: ImageNet Classification Using Binary Convolutional Neural Networks », M. Rastegari, V. Ordonez, J. Redmon, A. Farhadi. See the full article here.

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[2] « XNOR-Net++: Improved binary neural networks » , A. Bulat, G. Tzimiropoulos. See the full article here.

[3] « BinaryConnect: Training Deep Neural Networks with binary weights during propagations », M. Courbariaux, Y. Bengio, J-P. David. See the full article here.

[4] « Binarized Neural Networks: Training Neural Networks with Weights and Activations Constrained to +1 or −1 », M. Courbariaux, I. Hubara, D. Soudry, R. El-Yaniv, Y. Bengio. See the full article here.

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For more details, see :

[1] « Multi-scale dense networkds for resource efficient image classification » , G. Huang, D. Chen,T. Li, F. Wu L. van der Maaten, K. Weinberger. See the full article here.

[2] « SPINN : Synergistic Progressive Inference of Neural Networks over device and cloud », S. Laskaridis, S. I. Venieris, M. Almeida, I. Leontiadis, N. D. Lane. See the full article here.

See the Jupyter-notebook here.

[1] « Skeletonization: A Technique for Trimming the Fat from a Network via Relevance Assessment », M. C. Mozer et P. Smolensky, 1988. See the complete article.

[2] « SNIP: Single-shot Network Pruning based on Connection Sensitivity », N. Lee, T. Ajanthan, P. H. S. Torr. See the full article here.

[3] « Progressive Skeletonization: Trimming more fat from a network at initialization », P. de Jorge, A. Sanyal, H. S. Behl, P. H. S. Torr, G. Rogez, et P. K. Dokania, March 2021. See the full article here.

[2] « Statistical guarantees for regularized neural networks », M. Taheri, F. Xie, J. Lederer. See the full article here.

2021 Q4: 29/10/2021

[1] « On-line Learning and the Metrical Task System Problem », A. Blum, C. Burch. See the full article here.

[2] « Online Strategies for Dynamic Power Management in Systems with Multiple Power-Saving States », S. Irani, S. Shukla, R. Gupta. See the full article.

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[1] « An Optimal On-Line Algorithm for Metrical Task System », A. Borodin, N. Linial, M.E. Saks. See the full article here.

[2] « Competitive Algorithms for Server Problems », M.S. Manasse, L.A. McGeoch, D.D. Sleator. Journal of algrithms 11, 208-230 (1990). See the full article here.

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